The adventure begins!

Everyone tackling a course gets a harness and safety helmet included in the price of the adventure. No other harnesses may be used for these courses. A guide will show the adventurer how to secure the harness. A short instructional video and a training course is used to familiarise the adventurer with the harness and safety system a well as the safety instructions before embarking on the main courses.

On a short training course the adventurers are shown how to use the harness and safety system.

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Please remember that Treetop Adventure Huippu is a non-smoking area. Use of alcohol and other intoxicants is prohibited.

Dress for the weather!

Huippu is ideal for all-weather fun that only ever stops for a while when there’s a gale blowing or a thunderstorm.

So be sure to dress for the weather in a comfortable, washable outfit. Up in the treetops you can expect to get wood resin stuck to your clothing. Enclosed flat shoes are best for moving around on the courses. Sandals, heels, flip-flops, clogs or other open footwear is not really suitable. In order to avoid the spreading of COVID19 everyone is required to wear gloves during the adventure. You may use your own gloves but they can also be purchased at the ticket office.

Scarves and other flowing garments, pendants and jewellery that can get snagged on objects in the treetops should be left for safekeeping at the ticket office, together with any other loose items that you might easily drop. If you have long hair then take care to tie it back securely.

You can take memorable photographs up on the tracks, but make sure that your camera is attached firmly so that you don’t drop it when you move about. It’s also a good idea to secure your glasses with a strap.

Junior adventurers

Huippu has three highropes courses that are suitable for smaller adventurers over 3 feet 3 inches tall (100 cm). The youngest adventurers can enjoy their own specially designed adventure course pikku-Huippu, which lies conveniently just beside the ticket office. In pikku-Huippu the required height limit is also 3 feet 3 inches (100 cm) since smaller adventurers may not yet be able to reach the steps, ropes and nets with their limbs.

Children aged 13 years or more may use the courses independently, but those 13 - 17 years of age require the written consent of a parent or guardian (in your own words or using the linked form to the left). Younger children must be continually supervised by an adult. A supervisor must accompany any user under 3 feet 7 inches (110 cm) tall onto the course, but larger adventurers may be supervised from ground level.

Minimum and maximum height and weight limits

Huippu has three courses that are suitable for smaller adventurers over 3 feet 3 inches tall (100 cm). Users who are taller than 3 feet 11 inches (120 cm) may also tackle the green and blue courses below the hilltop whereas the most demanding courses are designed for users taller than 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm).

These height limits were applied when designing the courses, e.g. when setting the distances between walkway steps. Various steps, ropes and nets may be beyond the reach of smaller adventurers on the more demanding courses.

There is a maximum weight limit of 130 kg (287 lb, 20 stone 7 lb) on the courses, and the standard harness is not suitable for users with waists broader than about 55 inches around (140 cm). According to our experience the stardard harness fits well an adult male weighing 100 kg. A limited number of larger harnesses are also available.

So who can enjoy adventures at Huippu?

Treetop Adventure Huippu is suitable for all able-bodied adventurers and requires no previous climbing experience.

The high ropes courses at Huippu are primarily designed to provide a fun experience, where users can enjoy a sense of altitude and personal presence in the bracing open air, and the thrill of overcoming captivating challenges.

Adventuring in the treetops is really not suitable for pregnant women.

How long does it take to complete my adventure?

You should expect to spend at least two hours on a treetop adventure. Tickets are good from the beginning of your adventure until you return your harness to the ticket office, but harnesses may not be taken out of the park area.

There are many excellent picnicking sites in the woods and on the nearby rocks, and the Huippu kiosk serves sweet and savoury snacks, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee and tea. The kiosk selection is minimal, but high quality.

Huippu kiosk serves tea, coffee, energy bars, crisps, ice cream and soft drinks.

Storage of larger and smaller items

There are open storage cupboards near the ticket office, where you can leave jackets and bags you do not need in the treetops. Wallets, mobile phones and other smaller items can be left in lockers for a small charge (see Prices). We do not normally have any locked storage room for larger items but a locked storage cupboard can be reserved for larger groups. Please note that all storage is at your own risk.

The continuous belay system

All adventurers on Huippu courses are fastened to a safety line at the starting steps, and cannot detach the safety line while on the course. The safety line runs continuously from tree to tree throughout the course and the final dismounting slide.

A pulley on the harness is threaded onto the zip wire when starting the course. This pulley remains fastened to the zip wire and follows the adventurer throughout the course. There is no way for the adventurer to disengage from the safety line while in the air.

A pulley on the harness is threaded onto the zip wire and remains fastened throughout the course.

On returning to the ground via the final dismounting slide, the adventurer then continues to the end of the zip wire where the pulley may be detached.

The adventurer continues to the end of zip wire where the pulley can be detached.

More details on our high ropes courses.


Treetop Adventure Huippu uses full body harnesses that connect to a continuous belay system installed by the leading high wire adventure course designer Altus Pro. Our guides will show you how to put the harness on and ensure that it fits properly before you start the high ropes course.

You should remove the harness before eating, smoking and using the WC. Please ask the guide to ensure that your harness is fastened correctly when returning to the course.

In Treetop Adventure Huippu the adventurers use full body harnesses attached from the groin and the shoulders.

How to climb the rope ladder in Treetop Adventure Huippu

At Huippu two courses start with a rope ladder. Even during the climb the adventurers are fastened to a safety line, and they cannot detach themselves by accident while on the course. See how it works!

Other attractions during your aerial adventures

Family members who prefer to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground can play adventure golf at Huippu.  They also find plenty of other interesting things to do at Leppävaara Sports Park, with nearby opportunities for football, jogging and geocaching.

Treetop Adventure Huippu is an open area where anyone may photograph the adventurers, admire their exploits and cheer them on to greater achievements. A harness is nevertheless required to access the courses and stairs, and everyone must complete basic orientation with an instructor. Please also remember to avoid standing directly under the courses and dismounting slides, as even the most careful adventurers sometimes drop items from pockets. It is also important to stand well clear of the landing areas at the end of the dismounting slides.

Younger family members

The height limit on the treetop courses at Huippu is 100 cm. But for the very young adventurers there’s plenty to see and do in the surrounding woodlands, with steep hills for would-be mountaineers to conquer, and trees for budding trapeze artists to swing on. In addition Espoo City has built an Angry Birds playground near the parking lot at Vanha Maantie 15. Please remember that the children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

Treetop Adventure Huippu is a non-smoking area. Use of alcohol and other intoxicants is prohibited.

Picnickers are welcome at Treetop Adventure Huippu, but alcohol and other intoxicants may not be brought into the area, nor may adventurers use the equipment while under the influence of intoxicating substances or medications. Such conduct jeopardises the safety of both the person concerned and other adventurers, and can only spoil an otherwise rewarding experience.

The staff of Treetop Adventure Huippu are authorised to remove inebriated and disruptive visitors from the park.

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