Treetop Adventure Huippu ticket prices in 2022

Admission ticket Treetop Adventure

26 €

Admission ticket Treetop Adventure, 120−140 cm (3 feet 11 inches - 4 feet 7 inches)

23 €

Admission ticket Treetop Adventure, 100−120 cm (3 feet 3 inches - 3 feet 11 inches)

15 €

Admission ticket Treetop Adventure, adult and child 100−110 cm (3 feet 3 inches - 3 feet 7 inches)

35 €

Student discount ticket Treetop Adventure

23 €

Adventurer’s summer season ticket Treetop Adventure

110 €

Season ticket Treetop Adventure, 120−140 cm (3 feet 11 inches - 4 feet 7 inches)

90 €

Season ticket Treetop Adventure, 100−120 cm  (3 feet 3 inches - 3 feet 11 inches)

70 €

Admission ticket Nets Adventure

15 €

Admission ticket Nets Adventure, Adult+Child under 5 years

15 €

Admission ticket Adventure Golf

11 €

Admission ticket Adventure Golf, child under 12 years of age

7 €

Season ticket adventure golf

50 €

Season ticket adventure golf, child under 12 years of age

24 €

Treetop Adventure and Adventure Golf - package price*

10 % discount

Locker for small items

2 €

Tickets include an adventure on the Huippu high ropes courses, an introductory orientation, and safety equipment (harness and helmet). Ticket holders may use the high ropes for an unlimited time while the park remains open, but may not leave and return to the park without purchasing a new ticket. The ticket expires on returning the harness and leaving the park. Access to the general environs of Treetop Adventure Huippu is free of charge. Minors at least 13 years of age may take part in the adventure on their own but those under 18 require the written consent of a parent or guardian.

*The package price discount is only valid for private individuals and is not transferable.

**For the student discount a valid student identity card is required.

Season ticket holders may visit the high ropes courses at Treetop Adventure Huippu as many times as they wish throughout the summer season from April 15th until the end of October, while the park remains open. Season tickets are not transferable and their holders should be prepared to provide proof of identity on entering the park. Season tickets are only sold to private individuals. 

Tickets for the Treetop Adventure are on sale daily until two hours before closing time. Tickets for the Adventure Golf are on sale daily until half an hour before closing time.

Adventure experiences and packages for groups*

Treetop Adventure on our high ropes courses / person

26 €

Bus transport to Huippu

ask for a quote

Birthday party in the treetops / person***

from 26 €

Meeting on the summit − meeting facilities and treetop adventure with lunch and coffee / person****

75 /82 €

Feasting outdoors − Huippu menues / person**

16−22 €

Tent with tables and benches (24 m2) / hour

25 €

Refreshments package (coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water) / person

8 €

Refreshments package (coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water) and a pastry / person

10 €

Invoice supplement

8 €

VAT included

*Group packages need to be booked in advance. Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information.

**minimum 8 persons

***minimum 6 persons

****minimum 8 persons

Payment methods accepted:

  • Bank and credit cards: VISA, VISA electron, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro
  • Cash
  • MobilePay
  • advance payment in our online booking system

Due to the current covid19 pandemic we recommend online payment in advance or contactless payment at our ticket office.

Admission tickets can also be paid with:

  • Smartum exercise vouchers
  • Smartum Mobile
  • EPassi
  • Eazybreak
  • Edenred Mobile
  • Gift4You gift voucher ”Toiminta- ja seikkailuelämys kahdelle”
  • Elämyslahjat gift voucher

Gift tickets

Why not delight your friend, family member, staff or business partner with a ticket to Treetop Adventure Huippu? An adventure experience at Huippu is a touching and memorable gift. Gift tickets are available year round from the Huippu online shop and from GLO Hotel Sello (Leppävaarankatu 1) and during the summer season from the park ticket office. The prices and benefits of gift tickets are the same as for day tickets. Gift tickets purchased before the summer season are valid until the end of the season.

Book your Treetop Adventure experience in advance

Booking is not necessary, but saves time as you never have to stand in line for your safety harness. Click here for online booking. We recommend advance booking especially if you come from far away or with a larger group.


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