Solve the game's puzzles in 60 minutes, working together as a group. Enjoy the joy of insights and working together in the fresh air and sunshine!

The games can be played casually among family members or with friends or work groups, but also as a competition between groups. Progressing in the game requires above all wit and logical reasoning, but at the center of everything is cooperation.


Uniikit pakopelit

Unique Escape Games

We design and build the escape rooms ourselves!


Kohota tiimin yhteishenkeä rennolla tekemisellä ulkoilmassa

Team building

Solve the puzzles as a team!


Meille mahtuu jopa 16 henkilön porukka pelaamaan


16 persons can play our games simultaneously.


Leppävaaran urheilupuistossa lähellä kauppakeskus Selloa

In Leppävaara Sports Park

Near Shopping Mall Sello and Espoo Main Railway Station.




Escape Game is a great activity for parties!


Ruokailu Seikkailupuisto Huipussa

Age limit: 12yrs

The games do not have inappropriate content for kids, so small kids can play as part of a team.


Escape rooms

Pakopeli Mustaparran aarre

Blackbeard's Treasure

Duration: 60 min

60 min


2-8 pelaajaa

2-8 players


Kohota tiimin yhteishenkeä rennolla tekemisellä ulkoilmassa Kohota tiimin yhteishenkeä rennolla tekemisellä ulkoilmassa Kohota tiimin yhteishenkeä rennolla tekemisellä ulkoilmassa



In 1687, Mikael Wirtanen returned home with six mysterious chests. The whereabouts of the chests were unknown for centuries until they were recently found in Leppävaara. A mysterious man with a wooden leg and an eye patch is on his way to collect the chests. Can you open them before he arrives?


Information about the escaperooms

An outdoor escape room contains various tasks for the team to solve. Some of the tasks require deduction, some dexterity and some precise observation. Thanks to the insights, a box may be opened or a new clue may be found.

The recommended age limit for games is 12 years. The games do not contain content unsuitable for children, but the tasks may be too difficult for children under the age of 12.

Blackbeard's treasure can be played in Finnish and English.

The recommended group size for the games is 3-6 players.

An escape game is also suitable as a team or recreation day activity. Ask more:  varaukset (at)

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