Adventure Minigolf course at Treetop Adventure Huippu is a fun miniature golf experience for all ages. Come and test your nerve and putting skills on our 12 hole course with its jumps, tunnels, twists and turns and water hazards! The raft trip between holes five and six is enjoyed especially by the smallest putters.


Minigolf is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. There are three sizes of clubs, and everyone can play in their own style - seriously competitive or casually simply enjoying the summer and being together.

Minigolf At Huippu

Minigolfin kesto 60 min

60 min

12 väylää

12 courses


Water area

3 koon mailat - mailat myös perheen pienimmille

three club sizes

Sopii 1-99v

2-99 yrs



Opening hours

Minigolf is open at the same time as Treetop adventure Huippu. Last golfers of the day may start playing 30 minutes before closing time. Check the opening hours of Huippu.

Seikkailupuisto Huippuun rakennettavan seikkailugolfradan suunnitelma, jossa näkyy radan sijainti, vesialue ja rei’ät.

Shall we compete?

We also welcome various larger groups, from those celebrating a team or recreation day to school children, sports clubs, groups of friends and bachelor parties. If there are more than 10 players in your group, we recommend making a reservation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Upon request, we also organize a golf tournament with judges for groups.

A date on the green

Treat your loved one to a game of mini golf! When playing, you don't have to think about what to say or do and where to put your hand. When the attention is on the game, things go smooth and you can take it more relaxed.
Nuori mies ja nainen seikkailugolf Huipussa. Nainen on polviseisonnassa ja ojentaa miehelle pallon.

Who is the most acurate?

Your goal is to to get around the course in as few attempts as possible. It is always worthwhile to try and beat one’s own record but for the most competitive among us we keep a top ten list of the best scores of the season.

A minigolf experience with children 

"It reminds me of vacation trips abroad, because well-maintained experience golf courses of this level are rare in Finland and so different to the eye. Vacation feeling!" This is the opinion of the team from the Fun things to do website, who visited Huipu's minigolf in July 2019 fresh off their visit. On the other hand, they also vividly remembered angling the ball from the water hazard and the ferry ride halfway through the round of golf. Read the whole story.

How to find treetop adventure Huippu?

Treetop Adventure Huippu is located in Leppävaara Sports Park Espoo.  See a Google Maps view of Treetop Adventure Huippu and more information on how to get there.


Our kiosk serves ice cream, soft drinks, coffee and tea as well as a minimal selection of sweet and savoury snacks.

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