Treetop Adventure Huippu safety guide

Before mounting a high ropes course, all adventurers are made aware of the safety instructions by our instructors. It pays to familiarise yourself with these instructions in advance.

Young people aged at least 13 years may use the courses independently but younger children must be accompanied by an adult.

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Guidelines for adventurers at Huippu

Treetop Adventure Huippu was constructed and operates according to European standards (EN 15567-1:2007 and EN 15567-2:2007) supervised by the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA).

This organisation inspected the courses at Huippu when they were constructed, and has issued a certificate of compliance for them.An ERCA inspector reviews the condition of the courses annually,and we make our own regular inspections of the courses, landing points and safety equipment.

The following safety instructions set out the rules that all users of Treetop Adventure Huippu high ropes courses must follow.


1. Users must be at least 3 feet 3 inches tall (100 cm), weigh no more than 130 kg (287 lb, 20 stone 7 lb), and comply with the individual height restrictions specified for each high ropes course.

2. Users under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age, who is responsible for ensuring that the said under 13 year-old users comply with the safety instructions. Course users 13 - 17 years of age do not need an accompaning adult but require the written consent of a parent or guardian. A user shorter than 3 feet 7 inches (110 cm) tall must be accompanied on the courses by a supervising adult. This applies to all the highropes courses despite the mobile course Pikku-Huippu (Little Huippu).

3. Nobody under the influence of alcohol, medicines or narcotics may enter the area of Treetop Adventure Huippu, nor may the said substances be brought into the area.Smoking is also prohibited within this area.

4. Users must assess their own skills, physical condition and psychological state during the adventureand are responsible for doing so. Use of the high ropes courses when ill is prohibited,and their use during pregnancy is not recommended.

5.  During the visit Treetop Adventure Huippu may take photographs or video footage in the park for marketing and information purposes. The material is published on-line on the company website or social media. If the users do not want their pictures published they are advised to inform the photographer or other member of the staff.

Before embarking on a course

6. Users may only access the high ropes courses in a harness after initial instruction from the staff of Treetop Adventure Huippu.Access to the staircases leading to the courses is also prohibited unless wearing an appropriate harness.Only harnesses issued by Treetop Adventure Huippu may be used.

7. Users must demonstrate their ability to use the safety equipment on a training course, and must then wait for permission from the staff to embark on a high ropes course. After the initial training users are responsible for their own correct conduct on the high ropes courses.

8. Scarves and other flowing garments, accessories and jewellery that are liable to become snagged or to be dropped from the courses must be removed before embarking. Long hair must be tied back securely.Users are responsible for dressing safely.

9. Clothing or other property of the user, such as spectacles, may be damaged or soiled during use of the courses. Treetop Adventure Huippu shall not be liable for any damage or soiling of the user’s garments or property. We recommend leaving mobile phones and other valuables for safekeeping at the ticket office. Cameras, spectacles and mobile phones should otherwise be fastened securely so that they cannot fall from the high ropes courses.

During the adventure

10. A continuous belay system assures the safety of users at Treetop Adventure Huippu. The user must fasten the safety line at the foot of the access stairs when embarking on a course, and may only disengage from the zip wire on returning to the ground.

11. No more than two users may stand on a high ropes course platform at any time.Only one user at a time may cross a course segment between two trees.An adult who is guiding a child may cross a course segment together with the child.Users may not disturb or hamper the efforts of other users.Only one user at a time may ride the dismounting slide, and users must vacate the landing point at the end of the slide without delay.

12. Users may not remove the safety equipment while on the high ropes courses,nor may this equipment be given to any other person.Harnesses shall nevertheless be removed when eating and using the WC. On replacing the harness, users must ask a member of the Treetop Adventure Huippu staff to check that its fits correctly.

13. An admission ticket remains valid from the of beginning the adventure until the user returns the equipment to the ticket office.

14. Users must comply with instructions issued by staff, and with signs and regulations on the high ropes courses.

15. Users may sustain scratches and bruises during the adventure. Accidents are also possible, as in any form of sport. Treetop Adventure Huippu does not have any separate insurance coverage against accidents. Users should evaluate their own insurance coverage before embarking on the courses.

16. Users are required to use the leased equipment in a careful and responsible manner, and to refrain from damaging any structures of the high ropes courses. Users shall be required to compensate Treetop Adventure Huippu for the costs of repairing or replacing any equipment or course structures that sustain damage due to the user’s negligent or wilfully malicious conduct.

17. Treetop Adventure Huippu shall be entitled to bar the access of any user to the high ropes courses if its staff consider that the user will be unable to negotiate them safely. The staff shall also be entitled to remove from the courses any user who poses a danger to the course structures, to the said user’s personal safety, or to the safety of other users.

18. The staff of Treetop Adventure Huippu shall be entitled order a user to disembark from a high ropes course in the event of inclement weather (gale or thunderstorm). Users shall disembark from the course immediately under these circumstances.

19. Admission fees shall be refunded to users only when they have to discontinue their use of the courses for reasons attributable to Treetop Adventure Huippu.No refunds shall be paid under the circumstances described in clauses 17 and 18.

After the adventure

20. Leased equipment must be returned to the Huippu ticket office on completing the adventure.Harnesses, helmets and other leased equipment may not be removed from the park.

21. The adventure shall be deemed completed when the equipment has been returned.


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