Adventure day gift card for 28 euros (norm. 35).

Now a full adventure package - rope adventure, adventure minigolf and net adventure - for the price of a rope adventure!

The offer is valid until 24 December 2023.

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Give an unforgettable christmas gift

Here you can easily and quickly order a gift ticket, which will be delivered to your email. The ticket is available for two years from the moment of purchase during park opening hours.

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Digital experience tickets

We offer experiences for the whole family, from toddlers to grandmothers and grandpas. You will receive tickets easily and quickly in your email. Lift your loved ones to the heights!


Gift ideas

What to give as a gift for a family with children?

The adventure day gift card includes all of Huippu's activities and is suitable for anyone at least 120 cm tall.

With the toddler ticket intended for the smallest in the family, one adult and a child under 120 cm tall can go on an adventure together.

Give the family an experience that will remain in their memories forever!

What to give for the grandparents?

Adventure minigolf offers physical activity at a suitably low level. Hills, water obstacles and other fun obstacles make the game exciting, but at the same time player friendly. GIve for example a joint race with your grandchildren!

What as a gift for your spouse?

An adventure on the ropecourses lifts your partner above everyday life, offers an unforgettable experience and creates shared memories. Climb to the heights together and enjoy the wonderful views.

What to give for grown children?

The escape game challenges the whole group to solve tasks and riddles and offers an opportunity to spend time together outdoors. Give a gift that improves your teamwork!

Giftcard with your exercisebenefits?

Is your exercise benefit due? No worries! You can order an giftcard with the electronic exercise benefits of EPassi, Smartum and Edenred.


With EPassi you can buy the tickets directly from EPassi Marketplace.

Smartum/Edenred mobileapp

  1. Pau in the app
  2. Send the receit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. You will get your ticket in your gmail

Remember that you can only pamper yourself with the exercise benefit. The benefit is personal, and the ticket purchased with it cannot be gifted to someone else.


The adventure park Huippu is closed during the winter. We will open again in the spring of 2024!

Online booking opens in March 2024.

Huippu is also open for groups by agreement. Inquiries: info(at)